Ask the Expert: What’s the Difference Between a Venue Coordinator and a Wedding Planner?

Expert: Corinne Sullivan, Social Graces Weddings and Events

I have a venue coordinator, do I really need a wedding planner?

In short – yes! Depending on your package, a wedding planner is with you through a good portion of the wedding planning process. They will be able to provide vendor recommendations, help you stay on track and on budget, advise you on complicated decisions, and most of all, be an advocate for you and your fiancé. A wedding planner will know the details of your plans and expectations and be able to oversee that they are executed flawlessly when the big day comes. A wedding planner’s main goal is to create your dream day, within budget, with little stress, and in a way that allows you and your loved ones to enjoy every moment.

Venue coordinators (or event managers) play a crucial role in your big day and are a partner in the planning process for you and your vendor team, but their role is not to be your wedding planner. Their main responsibility is to oversee the happenings of the venue and any products or services they may be providing, such as tables, chairs and linens, or even full teams such as catering.

Wedding planners and venue coordinators play very important, yet different roles in the planning process and on the wedding day. They should both be looked at as integral parts of your vendor team and not as a choice between the two.

About the Expert: Corinne Sullivan, owner of Social Graces and a Certified Wedding Planner with the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners is a lover of laughter, perfectly themed soirees, fancy dinner dates, and well-organized timelines. She built her company on a genuine passion for wedding planning and focuses on creating an experience filled with joy, ease, and confidence from your first meeting to your grand exit. Corinne’s passion is evident as she walks you through picking out all the pretty things and navigating the not so pretty things. Couples and parents alike value her calm demeanor and find her to be “the perfect combination of personal and professional”. When the big day comes, it is her mission to ensure you have the day you’ve always dreamt of.

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