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Our Favorite Wedding Shoes for Every Bridal Style

Wedding dress shopping carries so much weight and the pressure of being “timeless” can feel exhausting. Your wedding shoes, however, accessorize your wedding wardrobe in a freeing manner. They peek out of the end of the dress and make a statement without stealing too much attention as you walk the aisle. This perfect balance frees the bride up to strut in shoes that carry more personality—from soft pink feather detailing, Hangisi jewels, or Valentino studs.

We realize it can be difficult to settle on the ones. While the shoes need to match your personal aesthetic, they also need to check a couple boxes. Will your wedding aisle be on a lawn? (We all know the awkward moment your heels sink in.) How tall is your spouse? (Tall girls, it’s not fun to tower your groom.) Are you having a lengthy ceremony? (Comfort may need to be key.)

You shouldn’t leave this accessory to a last-minute shopping trip. “Ever since Sex and the City, a bride’s shoes have become as important as the gown itself. It is the perfect way for the bride to showcase more of her personality on her big day!” says Cecilia Flores-Barron of Warren Barron Bridal, who recommends making the first dress fitting the ultimate deadline for buying your shoes.

It is also important to keep in mind your venue. As noted earlier, if your aisle is grass and not paved, you’ll want to make sure you wear a block heel, wedge, or fit the stiletto with these.

Lastly, Cecilia recommends considering the specifics of the wedding gown before purchasing your shoes. “For example, if the gown has a tulle hemline, make sure the shoe is not made with glitter, prongs, or jeweled accents that will act like Velcro and stick to the gown.”

Whether you aim to don fun-and-frivolous heels or minimalistic slides, we picked our favorites for every style of bride.

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