D Weddings is the ultimate destination for the informed Dallas bride. Our website features the best of our award-winning magazine, including the popular Real Weddings, which feature aspirational yet relatable weddings. With our digital home, we create a connection between the brides and local wedding creatives—planners, venues, photographers, floral designers, cake-makers, stationers, entertainers and more—in a way only a trusted local publication can, through thoughtful design, informative vendor listings, and immersive interactives. The website carries on D Weddings’ 15-year tradition of expert curation and storytelling, while covering planning advice, bridal designer profiles, personal essays, occasion-based shopping guides, and more. DWeddings.com is for the Dallas bride, the Texas bride, the Southern bride—the modern bride.

Meet the Team

Maura Jones


Maura is a recovering attorney and also D Weddings' Publisher. She adores her family of boys, husband and son. The beach is her happy place watching the sun rise and set.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

Editorial & Creative Director

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver has only been a bridesmaid once. And she only did it under the condition she could wear a caftan. Her rules to live by: Everything is better in black and white, sunglasses should always be large, and never wear a choker on your wedding day (she didn’t live by this rule and now regrets it.)

Jessica Otte

Executive Editor

Jessica Otte has been buying wedding magazines since long before she was actually engaged—or could even drive a car. Once she’d reached an appropriate age, she married her husband, Charlie, and they now spend all their time chasing after their young son. She knows every single word to Father of the Bride by heart.

Sarah Bennett

Managing Editor

Sarah is the managing editor of D Weddings and the staff record holder for “most bridesmaid dresses in the closet.” When she’s not working on her latest wedding toast, you can find her cheering on the SMU Mustangs or catching up on the latest British period drama.

Whitney Carroll

Account Executive

Whitney loves all things beautiful! She has quite the love for art and interior design. Her personal artistic inspiration has always been emphasized by her love of everything blue and white along with her admiration of Hunt Slonem. Birds and bunnies and butterflies, oh my!

Genevieve Kinderknecht

Client Operations Manager

Genevieve is the Client Operations Manager for D Weddings. She is originally from San Antonio but came to Dallas for the modern city culture. She loves tacos and is a DJ on the side.

Thank You

Many thanks to Carrie & Seash for their wonderful illustrations, which you can find in Ask the Expert and the quiz. D Weddings wouldn't be possible without the support of the team behind D Magazine. Thank you to the following staff especially. Online Editorial Director Matt Goodman Digital Design Director Jessica Chen Junior Digital Designer Emily Olson Marketing Director Gillea Allison Brand Manager Carly Mann Art Manager Morganne Stewart Digital Sales Strategist Tracy Albertson Digital Ad Ops Manager Emily Heft