Blue Fire Total Catering

Blue Fire Total Catering

  • Address 12700 Hillcrest Road
    Ste. 215
    Dallas, TX 75230
  • Call 214-699-5097
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Blue Fire is a total service, special event catering company. We specialize in bringing our experienced staff and expertise to each and every experience we create. Dedicated to simplifying the catering process and becoming your one best resource for crafting a memorable event, Blue Fire lives the philosophy, “One Team, One Outcome.” To us, catering isn’t just how the food is prepared and delivered, it’s the total catering experience.


* Customized menus in every taste profile.
* Innovative food and beverage presentations.
* Unparalleled customer service, even in the most challenging of event locations.
* A staff with more knowledge and expertise of the DFW event industry, locations, and vendors than any other caterer in town.
* A dedicated and personable sales team that makes the planning process FUN and simple.
* Living our mission statement: to create happiness by providing our clients with a total catering experience.
* Centrally located to service all of Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas. Will travel throughout Texas.