Vestals Catering

Vestals Catering

  • Address 4318 East Side Avenue
    Dallas, TX 75226
  • Call 972-803-3806
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Launched by Chef Jordan Swim in 2008, Vestals Catering’s humble origins as a backyard supper club still play a significant role in how they operate. Vestals continues to be devoted to the beauty of the bountiful table at weddings, social & corporate events. They believe that the table is an opportunity to slow down, connect with others, and share delicious food.

Known For

Vestals Catering has grown organically through referrals—their clients are their greatest advocates. Their team specializes in working with brides and grooms on customized wedding menus, including bar packages. Vestals Catering is determined to create a unique experience that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

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