Ask The Expert: How do you put a nervous bride and groom at ease?

Experts: Nasher Sculpture Center Events Team Abby Lambert and Natalie Mann

How do you put a nervous bride and groom at ease?

One of the best parts of planning a wedding at the Nasher is the way we can anticipate for anything that might come up. Not only do we have a “Plan B” but we often create a “Plan A, B, C, and D” just to ensure that every angle is covered and that our couples and their families do not have to worry.

Because everything with rental is in-house, we are able to make changes quickly and execute the changes at a moment’s notice. We have experience covering details the couple might not have thought of—like moving power sources, relocating food delivery stations, and many more aspects—all easy changes for our teams to make, even within hours of the event. Guests never know there was anything amiss, and the couple still enjoys the best night of their lives.

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