Behind the Scenes: Emerald City Entertainment

In our Behind the Veil and Behind the Scenes series, we get to know the creative, hardworking, and talented individuals behind Dallas weddings. Today we are joined by the bandleaders of the EC Bands Family: Deno Taglioli with Emerald City Band , Scott Michaels from Downtown Fever, Mark Russell from Limelight , Claire Wilcox with Elevation, and Carl Poposki with Party Machine .

These award-winning bands, which were created and inspired by Taglioli’s Emerald City Band, offer a once in a lifetime entertainment experience.

What is EC Bands?

Deno Taglioli: EC Bands consist of Emerald City, Downtown Fever, Limelight, Elevation, and Party Machine.

What brought about the creation of EC Bands?

DT: Emerald City Band was created in 1983 and over the next 26 years we became the first call in wedding entertainment. Emerald City’s calendar exploded and over time we found ourselves telling brides that we were already booked. I would try to find them another band for their wedding, but they would say: “No. I want a band like Emerald City.” In 2009, EC Bands was born. It was a very organic process.

Why do you love performing at weddings?

Scott Michaels: It’s such a connective experience. We have people right there in front of us on the bandstand that are ready to celebrate and have a great time, and it makes playing music that much more fun.

What is one thing that is often overlooked regarding wedding entertainment?

SM: We can customize the music that the brides want. But also, the arrangements and length of songs. No song is ever too short or too long, Most bands don’t think of that. We play the right song at the right time keeping the dance floor full all night.

What has been the hallmark of your success?

Mark Russell: All together, our team has over 12 decades in the business. No one has the amount of experience that we have. We’ve seen just about everything there is to see at a wedding. We understand the intangibles and know what it takes to make a wedding reception an unforgettable experience.

What wedding trends have you been seeing?

Claire Wilcox: Young couples are all about the ‘vintage’ these days—going with live music over a DJ and polaroid cameras are reappearing at antiquated venues that have been remodeled to accommodate “old fashioned” ceremonies and receptions. Simple muted colors, rustic brushed metals, and a versatile band facilitate an unforgettable wedding experience with “bygone” flare.

How important is the look of a band?

CW: It’s critical to have the best in equipment and lighting. One of the things that separates us from other groups and entertainment acts is that we’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in the finest in audio and visual equipment. We own the best gear which helps ensure a top quality, consistent performance every time.

How important are relationships in this business?

Carl Poposki: Our business was built one customer at a time. They are the reason we’re here today and this is why we work so hard to provide a five-star gold standard of service. We are a company that provides one-on-one attention to our clients. We customize and walk our clients through the process from the first phone call to the last thank you. This is the ECB legacy that goes back 36 years.

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