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Dallas Wedding Planners Dish Out the Pros and Cons of the More Debatable Wedding Decisions

A famous English writer once said, “To be or not to be? That is the question.” But in the world of weddings, the more pressing question is: “To do or not to do?” We sat down with local wedding planners to pick their brains about all the pros and cons of the more controversial wedding decisions and whether to do (or not to do) them.

This week, Molly Rasmussen of Pop Parties gave us her thoughts.

Hosting the reception in the same venue as the ceremony

    • PRO: No transportation is needed, and hosting both the ceremony and reception in the same spot makes for an easy guest experience.
    • CON: Depending on your venue, a room flip may be required to execute this properly, and you may incur additional fees. Make sure to hire an experienced wedding planner to help talk you through the best scenarios for room flips!

A summer wedding in Dallas

    • PRO: Summer lighting is always fabulous for photos, and landscapes are in full bloom.
    • CON: Texas heat can be rough. Make sure to plan for indoor options so that your guests don’t melt in the sun.

Providing one specialty cocktail in addition to an open bar

    • PRO: This is a cute way to make your event personal. A favorite cocktail with a cute name is a personalized touch we love!
    • CON: It may not be cost effective with your venue.

Taking the honeymoon immediately after the wedding, vs. waiting

    • PRO: Weddings are exhausting. No matter how much fun, and joy your special day brings to you, it will be time for some R+R away from planning, seating decisions and lovable, but overwhelming family. Leaving immediately after allows you that refresh you crave, and keeps the wedding excitement going for a week longer, but only with your spouse.
    • CON: There are so many last minute things happening leading up to wedding day, and making sure you have everything you need to get hitched. Now you have to pack a separate suitcase for a week too? No thanks! My hubby-to-be and I decided that waiting a week was the right move for us. Time to relish in the occasion, go home and unpack our gifts, and personal items, and give me time to re-pack for our honeymooning adventures. And, it’s just one more thing to look forward to!

Having a wedding hashtag

    • PRO: This is a really fun way for you to see outtakes from the night, fun, personal moments that even your photographer may have missed. Come up with a cute hashtag—but don’t force it just because “everyone is doing it.”
    • CON: Most guests have social pages set to private, meaning not all of the images used with a hashtag will show up in the feed. Also, if you pick a generic hashtag, you may have other people’s event photos in your feed as well. Again, pick something fun and custom to you—or, no need for one at all. 


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