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Designing a Pre-Wedding Skincare Routine with Paige Stephens of Spa and the City

Paige Stephens is well versed in skincare services. As the daughter of Josanne Stephens (who owns Spa and the City, a Dallas-based medspa) Paige has spent the last 12 years working at the Lovers Lane spot, and when she got engaged in December, she turned to her expert mom to help her design a pre-wedding skincare routine that ensures she will be glowing on the day she says ‘I do.’

While her regimen was designed with her complexion in mind, Paige’s skin is pretty standard (meaning it’s not too dry and not too oily), so most anyone could jump on board and give her routine a go. “Someone that is dry or someone that is oily can pretty much do everything I’m doing, but either needs a more intense moisturizer or just not as intense,” Paige says. 

With exception to working out, all of Paige’s services are available at Spa in the City—including the injectables, which Josanne has been administering for Paige. And if a bride had to pick just one item from the list to add to her own pre-wedding skincare routine, Paige recommends Botox. “It just keeps your face looking smooth,” Paige says. “You can still make facial expressions and move your eyebrows, you just don’t have those horizontal lines across your forehead.”

While not on her six-month breakdown because she added it in two years ago, Paige also says using retinol or a retinol derivative is beneficial. “It made my skin feel brighter [and] smoother, which I think it’s something everyone wants but is really important for brides,” Paige says.

We’ve shared Paige’s month-by-month routine below, but if you want to receive a specialized regimen, Paige recommends booking a consultation six months before your big day and they’ll give you the goods to get your skin looking and feeling fresh.

Six Months

Five Months

Four Months

Three Months

  • Work out three to four times per week (spin classes or Pilates)

Two Months

One Month

  • Work out five to six times per week (spin classes or Pilates), or opt for a personal trainer
  • Botox (regular areas: glabella and forehead, injecting crow’s feet for first time to keep eyes open in pictures)
  • Any filler touch-ups that are needed
  • DermaSweep three weeks before
  • Hydrating facial week of wedding


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