Engaged: Lauren DeLozier & Austin Frappier

The Couple

Austin and Lauren had known each other since before they were teenagers, but their paths rarely crossed—save for one competitive, 7th grade game of girls-versus-boys basketball. While Austin admits to, “always thinking she was cute,” Lauren says she has her doubts. It wasn’t until their freshman year of college that they became friends. Both in long-distance relationships at the time, the stars finally aligned eight months later at the campus dive bar when they shared their first kiss. Lauren had completely fallen for his warm personality and undeniable kind spirit.

They both attended the University of Oklahoma. Austin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance and now is a 1L at the University of Oklahoma, College of Law. Lauren obtained a bachelor’s degree in journalism and works for the University of Oklahoma’s public affairs office.

The Proposal

Six years later, the two were beginning a new chapter of their lives back in Texas. Austin was considering the University of Oklahoma for law school, so he and Lauren planned a weekend trip to their old stomping grounds. Before dropping their pup off with Austin’s parents for the weekend, they took Honey out for a walk around their neighborhood. To Lauren’s complete surprise, Austin got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! They celebrated the big moment with both sets of parents—who oddly enough live on the same street. The two continued their festivities in Norman, even making a stop at the dive bar where the spark began.

The Wedding

They will marry Saturday, June 24, 2017, at their alma mater and where it all began.

—Gabrielle Asadoor

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