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How to Combat Wedding Week Skin Faux Pas

While starting a solid skincare routine six months prior to your wedding will help ensure nothing pops up unexpectedly, you and your skin are only human. We asked Taylor Iverson, lead aesthetician at Renew Beauty (med spa located in NorthPark), to offer solutions for sticky skin situations that could present themselves the week of your wedding so you’ll know what to do if your skin leaves you any gifts that weren’t on your registry list. 


Situation: It’s the Friday before your wedding, and you wake up feeling fresh and ready for the festivities. You walk into your bathroom and gaze in the mirror, et voilà: You spot two, deeply rooted pimples on your chin that can’t be wished away. Take a deep breath, because our expert knows what to do. 

Solution: “Stop in and get a Kenalog shot or the Blue Light Acne Clearing treatment from our laser technicians,” Iverson says. “Both will kill the bacteria underneath the skin and will leave you with flawless looking skin for your wedding.”


Situation: The wedding process can be tiresome—that’s no secret. We hope you’re able to rest and pamper yourself in the days leading up to your nuptials, but in case some of your late nights start to show, we’ve got a remedy to bid those bags away. 

Solution: Make sure you get enough sleep the night before, but if you’re still seeing some undereye bags, ice your eyes (this will help with the inflammation) and apply a good eye cream.


Situation: All skin aficionados know not to leave their house without SPF, but sometimes nature calls, and when it does, those rays can hit hard. While we love a sun-kissed look, here’s what to do if you crash and burn (and peel). 

Solution: If your sunburn is already to the flaking point, exfoliate the rest of it off with a gentle exfoliate. Iverson recommends the Stone Crop Fizzofoliant from Eminence. Be sure to moisturize the area well.


Situation: It’s your wedding week, so blushing pretty much comes with the territory. If you find yourself in a constant state of rosé (and we don’t mean the sweet wine), use these tips to help even your tone. 

Solution: Iverson recommends a Photofacial. This will help the redness undertone immediately in the skin. “And, use Pro Heal Serum in the days leading up to the wedding,” she says. “Also, a calming mask the night before never hurt anyone.”


Situation: You reserve the right to plump those lips to get them ripe for your first kiss as a married couple, but if something goes awry right before the wedding, here are some steps you can take to remedy the situation. 

Solution: “If you get too much in your lips or if they are uneven and you aren’t liking the shape, don’t freak out,” Iverson says. “We have some of the most amazing cosmetic injectors here at Renew. They can consult with you about the problem you are having and, if need be, they are able to dissolve the filler that’s been injected in the lips.”

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