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How to Eliminate Pre-Wedding Stress

Dr. Clair Gioia, a licensed psychologist with Dallas Wellness Group, gives four tips to eliminate stress and worry during the wedding-planning process.

Consider investing in premarital couples counseling.
A therapist can provide guidance and support as you practice navigating the stressful situations inherent in blending
families for the first time.

Say “no” before you say “I do.”
Clarify for yourself early in the process that this wedding is not your mother’s, grandmother’s, or sister’s. Sticking to this mantra is key.

Don’t put off dealing with conflicts until the day of your wedding.
Make a plan with those whose behavior might distract you. Let them know what to expect and embrace the idea of withdrawing an invitation to preserve your sanity.

Quiet your mind.
Learn to relish each moment with a mindfulness training book (she recommends those by Jon Kabat-Zinn) or app.

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