Loot Rentals’ 7 Steps to Wedding Day Success

Eleven years ago, Austin bride Anna Crelia had a vision for her wedding day: a speakeasy, old-school-classic styled affair. She wanted something outside-the-box for her big day—think oil lamps, crochet details, and mismatched china—but the rentals services available to her left more to be desired. With the help of her soon-to-be sister-in-law, Rhoda Brimberry, she started collecting as many vintage pieces she could find and stashing them on her parents’ front porch. And after finding that other brides were also noticing the lack of antique rentals, the project quickly spiraled into a business venture for the design-loving duo, and Loot Rentals was born.  

Since then, Anna and Rhoda have supplied loot for Central Texas events, from rustic tipis to chic neon signs, and recently brought something new and fresh to the North Texas table when they opened their first DFW location. Inspired by their love for design and antique-driven approach to rentals, we sat down to ask what advice they had for our brides and grooms wanting something a little funky for their big day. 

 1. Think outside the box. 

“It’s okay to be different! When I was getting married, I wanted our wedding to represent us as a couple. We loved jazz, we loved craft cocktails, and we loved this restaurant in Austin called East Side Showroom, so we got the chef to cater our wedding. Thinking outside the box let us tell our story.” —Anna Crelia 

“There’s more out there than just going to the country club and selecting colors and linens.” —Rhoda Brimberry 

2. Let your space tell the story. 

“Your interiors at home reflect who you are and how you spend your time. Letting that inspire your wedding day shares who you are in that space.” —RB 

“It’s important to approach events with an interior-design mindset. Our collection is very design-inspired, which sets Loot apart. Even our showrooms have a homey feel about them.” —AC 

“[Our collections] reflect our mission: creating inspiring spaces to enhance connections between people. I truly believe that happens when you have this kind of setup.” —RB 

3. Decide the vibe. 

“We have a Vibe Quiz on our website to discover your style. That’s a fun way to start the process. It shows you what we offer that matches your aesthetic.” —AC 

“Pinterest also helps create unique weddings, because you can see what other people have done and make mood boards. It’s definitely contributed to our business’s success.” —RB 

4. Choose your loot. 

“We offer so much variety—with over 30,000 square feet of space between the two locations, there’s endless opportunities to find something that speaks to you and incorporate it into your big day. You can make your wedding different from anybody else’s.” —RB 

“Just be authentic to yourself and your partner and make sure the items you pick reflect what you really like and not just what somebody else’s doing.” —AC 

5. Look at the little things. 

“Sophia Bush’s wedding is a great example of paying attention to every little detail. When you look at those images in Vogue, it’s clear you’ll never see anything that looks exactly like what they did. The little things, like textures and aromas, make events special—they make people feel connected, make them want to be there. They can turn something beautiful into something extraordinary.” —RB 

“Our showrooms display how we do that. They’re warm and inviting, not cold or sterile. They’re textural; they make you want to linger.” —AC 

6. Don’t worry about design. 

“We understand our clients may love the look but not know how to incorporate it into their wedding day or event. It’s our job to help them make it work.” —AC 

“Just pick out the items you like, and we’ll put them in a diagram so you can see how they work together. It makes the process much easier.” —RB 

7. Get married! 

“We’ll drop your stuff off and pick it up a few hours later—you won’t have to worry about it.” —RB 

Find Loot Rentals in Fort Worth at 3221 Lawnwood St. or browse their stock online. 

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