Mary Grace Seaton, Nicholas Myers, and Their South Carolina Love Story

Mary Grace Seaton and Nicholas Myers’ love story began while they were both attending the University of South Carolina. Mary Grace was studying early education and Nicholas had graduated with a degree in finance when they met at Jake’s, a favorite college bar near campus. Nicholas had been living in Charleston at the time but was in town for a USC football game. Mary Grace was sitting at a table with her friends where they introduced her to Nicholas. The two immediately got to talking. “It truly felt like I had known him my entire life,” Mary Grace says. “It is definitely safe to say that it was love at first sight.”

Fast forward to April 7, 2018: The couple was living together in Charleston when they set out on a rainy road trip to Columbia. Mary Grace thought they were headed to a birthday dinner for Nick’s mom, Janell Myers, but on the way, they decided to make a stop at their alma mater to take a photo with a statue of their mascot, Cocky, to send to Janell.

The rain miraculously stopped, so Nick suggested they also take a walk through the historical Horseshoe, a part of campus that leads to the statue. They walked to the center of the Horseshoe, and Nick suddenly confessed they were not there to take a photo. When Mary Grace turned around, he was on one knee and popped the question.

The couple chose to marry in the bride’s hometown of Dallas and had a traditional southern wedding on January 5, 2019, at Perkins Chapel. They kept the decor classic with clean lines and a palette of black and white. During the ceremony, the pastor asked the couple to turn around and take a look at the crowd. The majority of their guests were from out-of-town, so the turnout was more than they could have asked for.

“I remember feeling so blessed to have this many people cheering us on as we entered our marriage,” Mary Grace says.

From the centerpieces to the lit-up cocktail bar, the Dallas Country Club was transformed by gorgeous arrangements of greenery, and Mary Grace’s love for magnolias served as the inspiration. “The centerpieces that Bella Flora did absolutely blew me away,” Mary Grace says. Magnolias were also featured in the bride’s bouquet during the ceremony, echoing their reception to follow.

As soon as Jordan Kahn Band started playing, the dance floor was packed, and it stayed that way the whole night. “My favorite moments [of the reception] were definitely all of the first dances,” Mary Grace says.

The couple also got a surprise visit from Cocky the mascot, a nod back to how the couple met and their proposal. “It was so fun to share the pride Nick and I have for that school along with so many of our college friends,” Mary Grace says.


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