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Must-Haves for Surviving a Summer Wedding

A wise person once said “the best offense is a good defense”—and that’s our motto for summer weddings. The heat is coming, and while we can’t stop it, there are a few things we can do to prepare so it doesn’t hit us as hard. We’ve created a checklist of must-haves for summer weddings that will help you keep your cool and make sure you’re feeling fresh. And if you’re worried about fitting all these items into a delicate handbag, we’ve done that research for you, too. Follow this link for purses that will carry you through all-day weddings.

Compact Fan

Waterproof Mascara

Setting Powder

Setting Spray (Because you really can’t use too many setting products in the Dallas heat.) 

Oil Blotting Sheets


Your Favorite Fragrance (Mini bottles, of course.) 

Q-Tips (For under the eyes, just in case the water proof mascara isn’t completely sweat and tear proof.) 

Tissues (Pro-tip: when you stand up, check your chair. If you see some sweat, pull out those tissues and you’ll know what to do.) 

Sunscreen (This set from Credo will you keep you covered before and after you enter the sun.) 

Anti-Sliding Shoe Insert (Don’t let sweaty feet sweep you off your feet. Leave that to your groom.) 

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