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Our Favorite Dallas Wedding Instagrams From Over the Week

You found your man and you got the ring. Now it’s time for the planning to begin. If your thumbs are already tired from hours of scrolling on Instagram as you search for wedding inspiration, allow us to serve you some fresh content on a silver platter. (It might even be a platter you’d like to register for!)

Check out these posts, which happen to be our favorite Dallas wedding Instagram posts from over the week.

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ARE YOU READY for @debbyjewesson ’s TOP design for 2019?! Drum roll please…NUMBER ONE: “HANDS DOWN my FAVORITE design for 2020 was the EXTRAORDINARY WOW FACTOR @katy_arrrh & @alexacmorton created for @juliannechausse ‘s June wedding with @hitchedevents ! They designed a layout focused around TWO sets of THREE floral arches to envelop (and bring a little attention to 😉) the long wedding party tables. Concepts like this can be a little challenging for our clients to imagine on their own, so Alexa brought a section of the design TO LIFE during the PROTOTYPE session! Julianne and her Mom were OVERJOYED and left that meeting with FULL FAITH in our #boeteam to bring the entire design to life on the wedding day! (I’m going a little long here, so I hope you’ll stay with me…) My favorite part about this design, aside from the OBVIOUS WOW of SO MANY FLOWERS, is the fact that I played a minimal role in making any of this happen. It wasn’t because I didn’t want to work on the design or not want do any of the physical work (though I do appreciate being able to rest my brain and my body 😉). My intention was to get out of the way and let other people on our BOE Team take the lead, so I could LET THEM SHINE! And SHINE they did! I walked into the @fsdallas ballroom after the entire installation was finished and was completely overwhelmed with PRIDE in my #flowerfamily ! The design was not only SPECTACULAR, it was FLAWLESS (and I am a self-proclaimed “Picky Bi*@ch!” 😉) So BIG BRAVO to @katy_arrrh and @alexacmorton for combining forces and talents to create such beauty- from START to FINISH! I am SO PROUD of you both! (I could go on and on about how INCREDIBLE these two gals are, but this is getting long. I’ll save more gushing over them for another day 😉). As I look forward to 2020, I am BEYOND EXCITED about what’s in store for Branching Out! STAY TUNED for announcements throughout January! We’ll all be doing a little SHIFTING and a little GROWING. AND…I’ll be doing a little “branching out” of my own, making one of my BIG DREAMS… A REALITY! THANK YOU to everyone who supported BOE this year! And CHEERS to 2020! ✨” #bestofboe #bestof2019 #floralarches #royalweddingarches

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