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What Makes Dallas Brides Different From All the Rest?

We spoke to Diamond Affairs’s wedding planners, Mary Wright Shah and Ashlee Troop, about the qualities that distinguish Dallas brides from others throughout the country.  

Family Centric

Maybe it’s the Southern hospitality of Dallas culture, but Dallas brides remember their family roots when it comes to wedding planning. Many brides even incorporate family traditions into the ceremony—with family members as officiants.

Shah says many of their brides also choose sentimental locations for their weddings. 

“We find a lot of families want to entertain in their home or they want the venue to feel like an extension of their home,” she says. “It just makes it more memorable and it speaks volumes to them and to their families when it’s there. It really is an emotional tie to them.” 

Influencer Krystal Schlegel was married at her parents’ Dallas home this May. 

Traditional Timelines

Troop says most of the weddings they plan take place on the traditional Saturday evening. Dallas brides also tend toward traditional wedding timelines, taking six months to one year for planning.

Lots of Bridesmaids 

Dallas brides love their besties, and here at D Weddings, we love to see how they include their friends in the big day. We love both the traditional look of matching ensembles and the new trend of mixing and matching their bridesmaids’ dresses for the big day.

Shah said that they’ve planned weddings with 12 to 15 bridesmaids standing alongside the bride, but have also seen brides seat their closest friends with family on the front row, so they can enjoy the ceremony, too.

Blogger Kate Padgitt, of Lonestar Southern, opted for the many ‘maids option, and took care in picking customized gifts for them.

Nontraditional Foods

And finally, what would Dallas be without its restaurant scene? We love how Dallas brides incorporate sentimental food items, like favorite snacks or bites from the restaurant they visited on their first date. 

“Every client is wanting to bring in something—even if it’s a groom who doesn’t like cake and wants to use his grandmother’s banana pudding instead,” Troop said. One of their couples chose mini pizzas from Campisi’s—the location of their first date—as their party favor.


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