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20 Wedding Trends That Are Making a Comeback

As we look back at the trends from the past, we realize that some aesthetics still look positively perfect. We gathered 20 ideas that will give your wedding a fresh viewpoint.

Drive This Way

Vintage getaway cars are all the rage right now, and we are fueled up about the trend. Whether you jump in a Rolls Royce or a Ford Model A, honor an old- school type of romance as you drive away in style, like Kenyon Whetsell and April Moe did on June 15, 2019, in a 1950s Porsche.

Vintage car
John Cain Photography

Into the Blue

According to English lore, the blue hue represents purity, fidelity, and love. Lauren Wilcox opted for a blue heart stitched in her gown when she married Nick Edwards on March 30, 2019. Lindsay Sikes and Jonathon Nicholson’s reception on April 28, 2019, boasted blue chairs and glassware. For bride Megan Meek, her Hayley Paige gown sparkled hints of blue on the back as she walked down the aisle to marry Greg Butler on May 4, 2019.

Kristen Dee Photography
Caroline Jurgensen Photography
Celina Gomez Photography

Pretty Little Things

Diminutive flower bouquets known as nosegays have existed since medieval times, and they’re still popular today. Instead of gifting corsages, modern brides often present the small bouquets to special people at the wedding, including mothers, grandmothers, and godmothers. Taylor Miller, who married Alex Turner on March 30, 2019, chose all-white blooms for her nosegays, resulting in a simple and lovely look.

Liz Banfield

Three’s Company

Is there anything more regal than a three-stone ring? See: Meghan Markle’s engagement ring from Prince Harry. We love this classic symmetrical choice intended to represent your past, present, and future. (We’ve also heard it represents friendship, love, and fidelity.)

Rings with three stones

The Big Parade

Whether it takes place between the ceremony and reception venues or at the reception itself, a second line signifies the beginning of a new life for the bride and groom. It’s also a lively way to get the party started. Just ask Lauren Branson and Blake Douglas who let The Project Band lead a party train at their May 11, 2019, wedding.

Second line
Tracy Enoch Photography

Celebrate You

We love when brides and grooms highlight their personal heritage at their wedding. On August 10, 2019, Lawren Kinghorn and Dominic Edwards incorporated bagpipes into their ceremony at Park Cities Baptist Church as a tribute to Lawren’s Scottish family history.

Personal heritage
John Cain Photography

Sweet Bouquets

Baby’s breath has long had a reputation for being a filler flower, but we love these delicate blooms when used en masse in a bridesmaid bouquet. That’s the look Leslie Blanchat chose for the ’maids at her wedding to Benson Blanchat on June 9, 2018. The bundles of baby’s breath complement the white gowns and Leslie’s cascading orchid bouquet.

Baby's Breath Bouquets
John Cain Photography

90s Style

We still love the look from some of the most iconic brides of the 1990s: Stephanie Seymour, the late Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, and (of course) Celine Dion in her 7-pound headdress. We’re embracing the aesthetic once again, like Taryn Solomon and Michael Russell did with this geometric cake adorned with calla lilies on April 13, 2019.

Carter Rose Weddings

Your Carriage Awaits

Want to feel like a prince and princess on your wedding day? After tying the knot, make your exit like brides and grooms of yore. For their Adolphus Hotel wedding on May 25, 2019, newlyweds Jessica Carrier and Tyler Riola took cues from the royal family and shared a kiss on a classic horse-drawn carriage.

ML Photo and Film

Pretty Paper

There’s no reason to flip the script when it comes to your wedding invitation. Formal calligraphy, gold-trimmed card stock, pastel liners, and classic monograms remind us of a wedding invitation our grandmother would have sent. (And we mean that in the best possible way!)


Snap Chat

The grainy film photography used through the ’90s is coming back in a major way. It ushers in a sort of romantic nostalgia that will cause you to long for the days of Sinatra-era love songs when you look back through your wedding photo album. We recommend using both film and digital on your wedding day so you have the reliability and clear quality of digital along with classic film that will help to tell your love story.

Snap Chat

Room at the Top

As wedding-cake designs grew more elaborate and diverse over the past couple of decades, traditional cake toppers started to fall by the wayside. We’re delighted to announce, however, that these darling decorative figurines are making a comeback. For proof, look no further than the blue-and-white beauties topping the cake at Curry Heard and Mario Simic’s Nasher Sculpture Center wedding on May 25, 2019.

Cake Topper
Charla Storey Photography

Well Veiled

Though the history behind wedding veils is filled with superstition, this classic bridal accessory is still beloved today. While some veils stop at the shoulder and others extend just a little further, we’re wild for long, flowing veils that add a dramatic touch to the bride’s ensemble—like the one Leslie Klein chose to wear to her wedding to Benson Blanchat on August 17, 2019.

John Cain Photography

Lunch Bunch

Gratitude never goes out of style. How you plan to thank your bridesmaids is up to you, but we’re calling for the resurgence of the traditional bridesmaids’ luncheon. Book one of these iconic spots to sip champagne and spend time with your best gals: The Zodiac at Neiman Marcus Downtown, The Mansion Restaurant, or Hôtel St. Germain Restaurant.


Home Run

When choosing the spot where you and your bridesmaids will get ready on the big day, comfort should be a top priority. So why not opt for an at-home primp session? Before saying “I do” to Jeffrey Matthews on July 19, 2019, bride Jacky Barragan went the residential route for her wedding-day prep, leaving plenty of space for the pros to work their magic.

Getting ready at home
Stephanie Brazzle

Silver Lining

Everyone knows something old, new, borrowed, and blue are wedding-day good-luck charms. But “a sixpence in her shoe” is an oft-forgotten line of that old English rhyme. Brides like Jessica Carrier—who slipped one of the silver coins into her Jimmy Choos before walking down the aisle to marry Tyler Riola on May 25, 2019, are keeping the tradition alive.

Six Pence
ML Photo & Film

A Modest Proposal

Call us old-fashioned, but we think revealing wedding dresses have had their day on the aisle. If you ask us, it’s time to bring on the sleeves. Try this regal Sareh Nouri gown, available at Neiman Marcus.

Modest dresses

Everyday Excellence

You might’ve inherited Grandma’s china, or you may simply prefer a more modern choice. But there’s nothing wrong with putting your own stamp on things and choosing a classic china pattern to bring out on holidays (or to elevate a weeknight dinner).

All Things White

White is still hot. So we’re thrilled to see so many brides not only donning the color themselves but also decking out their bridal parties in the traditional hue, like Jessica Carrier and Tyler Riola’s May 25, 2019, nuptials. Throw in all-white flowers, too, and the monochromatic look is a total winner. For proof, check out Leslie Klein’s August 17, 2019, ceremony to Benson Blanchat and Simone Jameson and Tommy Henderson’s March 11, 2018, wedding.

All things white
ML Photo & Film
All things white
John Cain Photography
All things white
Lauren Peele Photography

Strike Up the Band

Deejays know how to fire up a crowd, but there’s something about a big band that’s undeniably joyful. If a swinging horn section is your thing, get inspired by Emerald City Band, who rocked Julie Parma and Tim Doyle’s August 4, 2018, wedding.

Caroline Jurgensen Photography

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