Ask the Expert: What Are Some of Your Favorite Ways to Incorporate Family Stones?

Expert: Wedding Jewelry with a Personal Touch, Matthew Trent 

What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate family stones?

Having the opportunity to create a piece of jewelry with family stones is an honor and always makes the project even more special. We like to use those pieces as the backbone and add to them, whether that be sourcing stones that match to create an eternity band or locating antique-cut side stones to complement a multigenerational antique-cut center stone. When working with family stones, our goal is to showcase them in a special way, all while making the finished piece look as if was originally designed this way.

What are some of the most unique details you have seen?

We have seen a lot during the past 30 years, but it is always fun hearing of a new detail that someone wants to add that we have not done before. We do a lot of birthstones and engraving details, of course, but sometimes we get to incorporate a special symbol in the under base of the engagement ring, or set a colored stone in a hidden place that represents something for the couple that only the wearer can see. Or, we can use a specific amount of stones in the shank for a number that signifies something special to the couple. Engagement and wedding bands are meant to be special to the couple and to the person wearing them, so every custom detail should be meaningful. 

When custom designing an engagement ring, what are some ways you recommend adding a one-of-a-kind touch?

Whenever we start down the custom engagement ring route, we always talk about what overall design elements and styles are important, whether it’s delicate, glitter, size of the center stone, height of the ring, or antique-inspired. Answering all of these questions is important to narrow down the overall style of the finished piece. Some great ways to add special details would be the use of unexpected side stone shapes, artistic elements in the under base of the center stone, the use of colored stones in the design, and even the texture of the shank.

What are some trends you have seen that you wish would fade away?

This is tough because we try to avoid the word “trend” when talking about wedding jewelry. One thing we would not mind taking a break with would be the overly delicate settings for the center stone. There is something so appealing about a diamond that looks like it’s floating on the hand, but from a quality and long-term wear perspective, sometimes this style is not built to last forever. We always try to advise alternative ways to achieve this look without sacrificing the overall strength of a piece of jewelry that is rarely removed.

Matthew Trent is a Dallas-based, family-run jewelry store located in The Plaza at Preston Center. For 30 years, Matthew and his team have been creating one-of-a-kind jewelry meant to last a lifetime. Matthew Trent’s passion for quality, design, and craftsmanship ensures that you receive a treasured piece of jewelry and an experience like no other. From the inception of the idea to the stone setting and finishing the piece, they can and will do it all.

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