Ask The Expert: Common Questions About Wedding Entertainment

Expert: Deno Taglioli,  Emerald City Band

Emerald City Band is considered the number one party cover band in the country and is proud to be one of the first calls made when planning a spectacular wedding day. With almost 40 years in the wedding business we know a thing or two about how important quality entertainment is on your special day. Founder and band leader, Deno Taglioli is here with Ask The Expert to help answer some of the most common questions asked when selecting wedding entertainment. While we can only speak for how we do things, these are important questions anyone looking for top notch entertainment should be asking a potential band for their event.

Do you provide lighting/special effects?

Emerald City Band is equipped with our own lighting and a team that controls our lights during each event. Our stage lights are preset at load-in (when the crew and stage materials arrive) and are operated by hand during the party for each song. Emerald City, by request can also bring the newest in LED backdrop technology to your wedding. This can display any image you choose behind the band and once it’s time to dance, turn any ballroom into a high energy experience. Not all bands travel with their own lights, alternatively you can rent lighting from many of the entertainment vendors in DFW, if you are in need of party lighting for your event.

Can you play songs that are not on your list?

Yes, if you have a specially requested song you would like to hear for a special dance, like a father/daughter, or a private dance, that is not on our song list, you can let us know before the event and we will learn it for you. This will vary from band to band, but most will agree to learn at least one or two songs prior to the event.

How do you handle song requests while you’re playing?

Prior to your wedding we like to meet with the couple and family to discuss a “Must Play” and “Do Not Play” list of songs. This allows us to create a set list for the event based around the songs you want to hear, and songs we think you might like during the party. If wedding guests make a special request for a song during the event and we know it, we will play it at the event. Live Bands often come with a predetermined set list to each event. If a song is requested and within their repertoire they will likely be happy to play it for your event.

What will you be wearing?

We focus on a look that’s cohesive, stylish, and perfectly fits the colors of the occasion. Usually a wedding would display black tie attire. Dress for bands can range from white blazers or a black tux to sparkly blazers for those who want some extra fun and pizzazz.

Every band is different so ask what your options are.

How many breaks will you be taking and what do you play during those times?

We take a minimal number of breaks depending on the length of the performance. Our breaks are short enough to give the guests time to refresh, get a drink, and get back to the dance floor. During this time we usually play pre-recorded music over our sound equipment. Typically before the event we like to coordinate with the wedding planner and couple to encourage them to take advantage of these breaks by scheduling toasts, cake cutting, or family photographs while the band is off stage.

These are just the basic questions we think you should cover when looking for wedding entertainment. No matter the band you choose, we understand your wedding day is a once in a lifetime opportunity and that you want to get it right the first time. We encourage anyone to be fully informed on who will be providing the entertainment for their special day and hope this article was helpful in pointing out important questions to ask.

About the Expert: Deno Taglioli, Founder of Emerald City BandAt Emerald City Presents, our bands perform together as a team night after night. For each of our bands, this adds up to more than 100 performances per year. This continuity allows us to develop unmatched musical chemistry, true flexibility, and customization that make each wedding like no other!  Being chosen to perform at a wedding reception is an incredible honor, privilege, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we take very seriously. During the past 39 years, we have held ourselves to the highest standard of excellence. No matter who you choose, we hope your wedding reception is everything you want it to be. 

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