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If You’re Planning to Have a Cash Bar at Your Wedding, Read This

Introducing the D Weddings ABCs of Etiquette: Sure, you can flip through Emily Post’s bible of good manners, but what do Dallas brides, planners, and guests expect when it comes to local wedding etiquette? Dallas wedding experts tell us how to graciously navigate every wedding-day situation.

A wedding is a great time to raise a glass and toast the happy couple, but there’s a smart way to go about serving adult beverages. Jennifer Page of The Westin Dallas Downtown suggests always going for full bar—if budget allows. “If you give your guests a heads-up that it will be a cash bar, then it won’t be a huge shock,” she says. Or, opt to serve a specialty cocktail and let guests buy any other beverages they may want. Craft a creative “mocktail” if your family is on the more conservative side.

Afraid your bridal party will go overboard? Your bartender or banquet captain should be able to spot the signs quickly. “I also use the trick of giving them a drink minus alcohol,” Page says. “Sometimes they don’t even notice!”

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