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The Rules of Engagement: How to Celebrate the Proper Way in Dallas

Introducing the D Weddings ABCs of Etiquette: Sure, you can flip through Emily Post’s bible of good manners, but what do Dallas brides, planners, and guests expect when it comes to local wedding etiquette? Dallas wedding experts tell us how to graciously navigate every wedding-day situation.

Congrats! You’ve got the rock and said yes to the love of your life. But now you’ve got to navigate the proper social codes of who to tell and when—and it starts even before your groom gets down on one knee. “It’s still respectful to ask both parents for permission,” says Crystal Moriarty of Todd Events. Once the confetti has settled, think about who you tell before going online. “I would let all close family and friends know before you make any kind of mass announcement on a social media platform,” she says. “It’s nice for those closest to you to find out before the general public.”

Finally, it’s time to party. Moriarty says the bride’s parents typically host the engagement party (if you opt for one), but she also sees friends and relatives host as a small group. “Sometimes it’s nice to do one that is more family oriented and one that is more friend oriented,” she says. But don’t forget the golden rule: “Never invite someone to your engagement party that you don’t plan on inviting to the wedding, unless you’re having a very, very small wedding.”

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