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Dallas Registry Tips: Part Two

Intense summers and mild winters; a little country, a little cosmopolitan; works hard, but plays harder; unmatched in spirit and pride. This is Dallas. The city that’s unlike any other in the country, so don’t create a registry that could work in any city. Create a registry that will make your life in Dallas easy and breezy (especially during those summer months). 

This week we cruise on over to Knox-Henderson to chat with experts at Crate & Barrel.

D Weddings: Is it better to register online or in person? 

Crate & Barrel: We would recommend initially creating your registry in store so you have the experience of seeing the product in person. Taking the time to do this will help you narrow down your dream wish list as well as getting inspired by different items you might not have seen online. 

DW: Is there a limit on how many stores brides should register at and how many things they should register for? 

C&B: When creating their registries, we encourage couples to remember that they need to provide their guests with options for wedding shower and engagement party gifts as well as wedding gifts. We also urge them to register for items in a variety of price points to give their guests plenty of choices. 

DW: On that same note, is it better to add everything you could possibly want or narrow it down to the stuff you really need? 

C&B: It’s a balance—we believe you should feel comfortable with adding in all of your necessities, as well as those larger items you love. We’ve created group gifting for this reason, where your loved ones can all chip in on those bigger-ticket pieces that are on your wish list. This is also a great time to register for future needs, such as hosting your first big Thanksgiving dinner. 

DW: Are there any products you would recommend registering for, for life in Dallas? 

C&B: Couples in our Dallas love to entertain and cook. We’d recommend the following for our Dallas customers. 

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