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Get Personal with Madeleine Calligraphy Etc.

Everything is personal when it comes to your wedding day. Each detail, down to the invitations and gifts you give your bridal party should offer up a piece of you and the groom. Dallas based Madeleine Calligraphy Etc. manages to do just that by incorporating personality into each creation. 

Madeleine Herskind is a Dallas native. After growing up in the Park Cities and graduating from Highland Park High School, it was only natural for her to attend SMU. Herskind’s deep Dallas roots have allowed her to understand the ins and outs of her clientele, and since her mom, Rosanne Beck, also has a personalization company, Herskind brings unique experience to her own company. 

Herskind has a special place in her heart for Dallas brides who“balance creativity with tradition,” adding, “what’s not to love about a posh atmosphere sprinkled with some Texas flair?”

Today, the market is saturated with ways to personalize just about anything. Madeleine Calligraphy Etc. manages to stick out by paying special attention to the bride’s vision. “I think there’s something really personal to the art of calligraphy,” Herskind says. “For something as special as a wedding paper, you definitely want to feel that every element is unique to you.”

While wedding invitations might be the first thing associated with calligraphy, Herskind most recently started offering customizable Veuve Cliquot champagne bottles—an instant bestseller and fresh way to show your appreciation of others. “The opportunity to pair personalization with something that so clearly calls for celebration presented itself,” Herskind says. “The Veuve bottles have been ordered for engagements, weddings, graduations, 21st birthdays … the sky’s the limit when your celebration becomes customizable.” 

Herskind recognizes that the bar is being raised in the realm of personalization. “Today’s customer wants anything and everything that is unique to them or their gift recipient,” Herskind says. “It’s beyond just slapping their name on it.”

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