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Get to Know Our Dream Day Giveaway Couple: Macy and Ethan!

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with our Dream Day Giveaway—well first, you need to sign up for our newsletter, Love Notes, for all D Weddings updates—you may not have gotten to know our winning couple as well as we did! Reminiscing on their favorite memories from their decades-long relationship, Macy and Ethan dish on who kissed whom first, their go-to date night spot in Dallas, and more.
How did you two meet?
Macy: Ethan and I met in middle school! We were on a field trip to Sandy Lake for a band concert. Ethan thought I had the coolest phone!
Ethan: Macy and I first met in 6th grade on the bus going to a band meet in Sandy Lake.
What moment made you think he/she could be the one?
M: I have always been attracted to Ethan and the way he is able to walk into a room and be the life of the party. I knew he was the one when we went on our second first date to a Rangers baseball game, and it was like no time had passed. Baseball games usually feel like they last forever, but that night went by so fast.
E: My moment was on our second “first date.” We went to a Texas Rangers game, and we barely watched the game. It felt like nothing had changed since eighth grade. That was the moment I knew this wouldn’t be just a summer fling for me. I was all in.
Who said “I love you” first?
M: Ethan said he loved me first. It was probably two weeks into us dating again, and he had a few drinks while on a family vacation and called me just professing his love. I thought he was crazy at the time and his family likes to joke now that they were tired of hearing my name during that trip because that is all he talked about!
E: Macy said it first, but I think I tricked her into saying it.
Who initiated the first kiss?
M: I initiated the first kiss. After our second first date at the Rangers game, he took me back home, and we sat in his truck in my driveway and talked for hours. I was getting ready to go inside, and he was hesitating giving me a kiss. So, I leaned in and decided to make the first move. We still joke about that to this day.
E: It depends on which time. The first one was technically me. We were on our first date in eighth grade at a putt-putt place. On the 18th hole, I made a dare that if I got a hole-in-one she’d have to give me a kiss. I didn’t, but she kissed me anyway.
Tell us about the proposal!
M: The proposal was straight out of a rom-com, let me tell you!! Never in my dreams could I think a proposal would be so perfect! Ethan rented out a rooftop bar that we love and had the entire space covered in flowers and pictures. I had no idea and did not see it coming at all. I just hysterically bawled and couldn’t believe he pulled off the best day of my life!
E: I told Macy we were going to Bass Hall with some friends, but in reality, I rented out the rooftop bar to have a private proposal decorated with photos of us throughout the years and flowers lining the aisle. Then, I told her we were going to have dinner at Reata—which is where we had our first anniversary dinner— but I actually rented out that rooftop as well! We had all of our closest family and friends waiting for a huge surprise engagement party. Finally, we had an awesome after-party at Second Rodeo and ended the night with a stay at one of our favorite hotels, Hotel Drover. It was an awesome night.
What is your favorite physical quality about your partner?
M: My favorite physical quality about Ethan is his laugh. He has one of those contagious laughs, and if you can crack a good enough joke, you’ll get to hear one of his real laughs. It’s guaranteed to be your favorite part of the day.
E: Her eyes and smile—the best combo there is. I never have a bad view when looking at her.
What is your favorite personality trait or emotional quality about your partner?
M: Ethan is truly the most thoughtful person I know. He is so determined in everything he does, and he strives to be the best version of himself. He is the most patient and caring person as well and honestly makes an impact on every person he meets.
E: Her easy excitement. Macy is so quick to get excited and giddy about something, and it spreads quickly. It makes every surprise, big or small, worth it.
What is your go-to chill date night?
M: Our guilty pleasure is getting take-out and watching literally anything on BRAVO. The reality TV and take-out combo is our favorite way to wind down together.
E: Ordering in and watching a movie or our favorite TV show.
Where is you go-to going out date night?
M: Our go-to going out date night is usually some sort of patio with our friends. 99% of the time it is a Mexican restaurant—fajitas and a spicy skinny margarita in hand.
E: A nice dinner and comedy show.
What is your favorite activity to do together?
M: Our favorite activity together changes quite often. We loved pickleball during COVID and enjoy going to play that together. We most recently just found out we like working on our yard together. We like planting flowers, gardening, and he loves to mow, ha!
E: Honestly, mine is to sit together at the end of the day and watch our favorite show for the night.
Where is your favorite place is Dallas for a romantic evening?
M: I love going out to watch a play together. We love any Broadway show, musical, play, concert, etc. We love to go see really anything live.
E: Javier’s. Macy + a Javier’s margarita makes for a great night.
What are your visions for your Dream Day?
M: My vision for our Dream Day is being able to celebrate in a stress-free environment with all of our loved ones in one place! We are so excited for the live band and to dance the night away with everyone.
E: To see my beautiful bride walking down the aisle surrounded by everyone we love. The perfect day.
What are you most excited about for the planning process?
M: I am most excited to work with Jess Wegner, our wedding planner. She is so passionate about the planning process, and I really feel that she is super invested in making our wedding literally our dream day!
E: Easy, all of the tastings! Food, drinks, and cake!
What is your best advice for others looking for love?
M: The best advice I have for someone looking for love is to find your best friend. Relationships get difficult at times, but as long as your person is able to make you laugh during hard times and you just enjoy their presence, everything will be okay!
E: To be genuine in their search. Don’t look for what you think you want but wait and see what comes organically.
What do you want our readers to know about your partner?
M: What I want readers to know about Ethan is that he is just such a good human. He is always going out of his way to make sure everyone feels included in any and everything. He is always the life of the party, and he can never meet a stranger.
E: She is the funniest, most caring, genuine, beautiful, badass woman. I am so incredibly lucky to be her soon-to-be husband.
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