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How to Bustle A Wedding Dress

Here’s a fun fact: “Designers do not incorporate bustles into their designs, so it is left up to the bridal stylist and her alteration team to solve the puzzle,” says Christina Plumlee, buyer and manager at Stanley Korshak Bridal. That said, every bustle is different.

Here’s What You Need to Know
“The best time to bustle your gown is between the ceremony and reception after you’ve completed your formal photos,” Plumlee says. To make the process nice and smooth, assign two people to help: one to bustle and one to hold up the train. The bustle person should be given instructions prior to the wedding and be allowed to practice, if time permits. “This will be a seamless process but only if you know what you’re doing,” Plumlee says. “You do not want to be fumbling and wasting precious time trying to figure it out at the last minute.”

Types of Bustles

  • French Bustle: A French bustle is a train that is pulled under, which creates a soft fold on top. The train is secured by a series of ties underneath.
  • American Bustle: An American bustle is created when the train is pulled up on top and creates an A-line shape. It’s usually secured by loops that attach with a button.

Pro Tip
Flashlights help you find those tiny bustle button loops in a dimly lit room. When in doubt, keep safety pins on hand.

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