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Planning a Boho Wedding with The Boho Market

Taylor Milbauer, owner of The Boho Market, recently celebrated her marriage to James Trammell on January 11, 2019. The couple knew they wanted to tie in the dynamics of the open-air pop-up market—which Taylor started as a single mom in grad school—with their wedding, but also add their own flair. We spoke with the couple and talked about their wedding, their devotion to shopping locally, and how Dallas has the best vendors to plan your own style-specific wedding.

Did you have a clear-cut vision of what you wanted your wedding to look like when you started planning?

TM: We knew that we did not want our wedding to look exactly like The Boho Market, but that we wanted something different to make our day special. The Boho Market has a lot of bright colors, and we wanted to do more natural colors like black, bronze, and brass with a lot of greenery. We went for a less colorful version of boho and tried not to get too hung up on the rules and the tiny details of a boho wedding.

JT: We were originally doing the wedding at Taylor’s family’s home in May and then moved to January for a winter wedding, which went a lot better with the vibe we were going for.

What were the first steps you took? 

TM: I have experience in event planning—not for those as special as this one, of course, but it definitely helped. I started with the caterer, music, my dress, his suit, and then went on from there. We reached out to our Boho Market family to get the process going because we knew that they would know what we wanted. We saved stuff like the favors, place cards, and the champagne toast for the end so we could see if there was anything that wasn’t as important or something that we could take off of the list.

What items were most crucial to creating the look you wanted?

TM: The Brik Venue was perfect and held the simple elegance that we wanted. The natural elements of the venue went with our theme perfectly and matched the less colorful boho theme. When it comes to the florals, we did mostly greenery, with only my bouquet being real flowers. My sister is a florist from The Green Room Floral and did all of the greenery. My wedding ring was designed by James with one of our talented friends who is also a musician. It was important to us that the ring be unique and not look cookie-cutter.

What tips do you have for brides who want a style-specific wedding?

TM: Do what you like and stick to it. The benefit of using local vendors is that you can go to them with your style and they will be much more ready to customize things to your vision.

JT: Planning it on our own gave us the ability to call the shots on what we wanted our day to look like.

Which parts of your wedding were your favorite?

TM: My favorite part was definitely when my dad and my 4-year-old son, Jones, walked me down the aisle. It was so special to have them both by my side. And James’ [best] man recorded a cover of the song I walked down the aisle to and had the band play it on the speaker.

JT: My favorite part of the wedding was when Taylor walked down the aisle, too. She looked just beautiful walking out of the bridal suite and down the aisle with her dad and Jones.

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