A Guide to Square and Rectangular Shaped Diamonds

If you’re a fan of four corners, sparkle, and radiance — then you’re going to love square and rectangular-shaped diamonds. Although this diamond shape isn’t as highly sought after as the ever-popular round brilliant, it still features a gorgeous physical appearance. It can be the perfect match for your next piece of diamond jewelry. Need more convincing? Check out our guide to square and rectangular-shaped diamonds. Let’s dive in!

Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Cushion cut diamonds are unique in that their square shape features rounded corners. This gives the diamonds a softened, more refined look that is distinctly feminine when paired with the right setting, such as a halo or pavé setting. The facets of cushion-cut diamonds are relatively large and enhance the overall brilliance of the diamond.

Luckily, the cut and shape of cushion-cut diamonds mean that it hides blemishes and inclusions very well and generally looks larger than its carat weight would imply. However, cushion-cut diamonds aren’t great at hiding color, so opt for a higher color grade when choosing this cut.

Emerald-Cut Diamonds

If you’re searching for a distinct, classic rectangular-shaped diamond, then the emerald-cut is the way to go. These glorious diamonds feature step-cuts that run parallel to one another. This creates an infinity mirror-like illusion of depth that is simply breath-taking.

Emerald-cut diamonds generally lack depth, meaning that they carry their weight in the diamond table. This massive table makes for a diamond that appears much larger than its carat weight would suggest. That said, emerald-cut diamonds really only work for diamonds with a high clarity rating and little to no color. However, the end result is a diamond that will catch eyes in any room you walk into.

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Radiant-Cut Diamonds

As the name suggests, radiant-cut diamonds come complete with a remarkable sparkle and brilliance that is rarely recreated in other cuts. Its beveled corners add interest to its square shape. The numerous facets of the radiant-cut make it the perfect match for an individual looking for an eclectic and brilliant stone to use in their jewelry.

Radiant-cut engagement rings are less high-maintenance than emerald-cuts. These diamonds are known to hide blemishes and inclusions well. Moreover, they are able to camouflage color. This is the perfect cut for a diamond with an average color and clarity rating of any carat weight, as radiant-cut diamonds generally appear larger.

Asscher-Cut Diamonds

Asscher-cut diamonds feature a phenomenal X-shaped pattern that extends out to the diamond’s beveled edges. This cut was greatly inspired by the emerald-cut. As such, the Asscher-cut utilizes step-cuts that add depth to the stone while retaining a square shape.

Like its more famous emerald-cut counterpart, the Asscher cut requires a diamond of exceptional quality. It does not hide imperfections or inclusions well. Additionally, you’ll need to find a diamond that’s near-colorless to get the most out of this cut.

Princess-Cut Diamonds

Like Asscher-cut diamonds, the princess-cut also features an X-shaped pattern. However, this X does not extend to the stone’s pointed corners and instead rests in the center of the stone. Many are enamored by the inverted pyramid design of this cut.

Princess-cut diamonds reduce the amount of cut stone, so they are great for maximizing the carat weight of a diamond. Additionally, this cut can hide flaws and color in a diamond — though it’s not perfect. Your princess-cut diamond doesn’t have to be a perfect diamond, but it should be of above-average quality.

Closing Thoughts

Square and rectangular-shaped diamonds have a lot to offer in terms of beauty, elegance, and style. Luckily, there are a lot of options for anyone interested in these diamond shapes, so finding the best match for your style is just a matter of research. When you do find the four-cornered diamond that you’ve fallen in love with, don’t let it go! Good luck!

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