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Shay Mitchell’s Honeymoon Must-Haves

Shay Mitchell’s luggage brand, BEÍS, has taken Dallas by storm with its newest location in West Village, dubbed the BEÍS Hotel. Stepping through shoppable pop-up’s elevator takes you through the brand’s famed collection of suitcases, weekenders, and cosmetic bags, encouraging guests to discover the items on display.

While the hard-case roller in the brand’s signature neutral-rose color, “Atlas Pink,”caught my eye, our D Weddings’ account executive, Emily Chatham, kept returning to the work tote (praised for it’s superior inside organization). We sipped peach lemonade mocktails, took selfies in the cosmetic case display mirror, and eagerly anticipated our chance to talk to the woman in charge. We spoke with Shay on her honeymoon must-haves, upcoming collections, and why she loves Dallas.

Photo courtesy of BEÍS

Give us a little background on the BEÍS brand!

So, I started BEÍS five years ago. It’s crazy, because we’re coming up on our fifth year. It’s just amazing to see not only how much the brand has grown, but the different verticals of products that we’ve gone into with diaper bags and kids now. It’s just grown organically with us and with our customers. So it’s been a really cool climb.

What was the inspiration behind the name?

BEÍS was originally named after my favorite travel bag, which was a beige color. So, beís means beige in Spanish. And then it had the accent above the “I,” which reminded me of Beyoncé, ha!

What products would you recommend for a bride going on her honeymoon?

You definitely need a weekender to pack on the plane. You can keep all of your shoes in the bottom compartment, and I always recommend packing a couple of outfit options, because you never know what’s going to happen with your luggage! And then also, I would say you need all the sizes of suitcases, because, girl, you’re going on a very important vacation!

Courtesy of BEÍS

What product would make a good bachelorette gift for your bridesmaids?

Definitely the cosmetic cases. They’re so good on the go. They have mirrors, and they have all the different compartments for your brushes. And they come in different colors, so there’s something for everyone! I’m in so many different colors.

Since, the pop-up is only here through October, would you ever consider a permanent BEÍS store in Dallas?

Never say never! I’ve only been here twice before, but the energy every time I come is really great and vibrant.

Is there anything else you want the D Weddings readers to know about BEÍS?

We’re here for the month so come by and check it out! Our pieces really are a great gift for newlyweds. There are plenty of products to mix and match for both brides and grooms, and they all vary in prices as well. We’ve always been very price conscious when creating our products. We know weddings and honeymoons cost so much, a quality luggage set shouldn’t!

Shoppers can stop by the BEÍS Hotel pop-up now through the end of September in West Village.

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