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The Fall Dallas Wedding Floral Wedding Trend We Love

“I try not to use stems that shed too much. Oftentimes dried blooms lose their pigment, so I like to mix in a bolder, fresh bloom to contrast and balance.” —Kate McLeod, Kate McLeod Studio

“Less is more. A hint of unique texture goes a long way!” —Taylor Pritchett, Lilium Floral Design

“Bleached options like ruscus, amaranthus, ferns, or bunny tail provide a beautiful ivory, opaque look. Once bleached, they can also be tinted other colors. When kept all together, it creates more of a structural feel.” —Maxine Owens, Max Owens Design

“The range of colors available in foliage is so vast. But be careful not to overwhelm an arrangement with too many colors.” —Mariah Wills, Avant Garden

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