Tori DeClaris and Fielding Graham Traded Overseas Extravagance for an Intimate Wedding Close to Home

Tori DeClaris

Fielding Graham

November 6, 2020

Tori DeClaris wasn’t looking for love when she met Fielding Graham. But she recalls her future groom was “patient and persistent” in his pursuit—two qualities that, as it turns out, would prove invaluable in wedding planning during a pandemic. Having made arrangements for a lavish affair in Scotland, the pair was forced to rethink, relocate, and reevaluate their priorities. After postponing to 2021, the couple realized they were simply ready to be husband and wife. So Tori quickly pulled together an intimate celebration at the Mansion, a place that held many special memories for the couple. “While we wish we could have shared the moment with friends, we’re really happy we were able to focus on each other that day,” Fielding says. “We have no regrets.” 


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