Ask The Expert: Why Should You Hire A Live Band For Your Wedding

Expert: At Emerald City Presents, Event Entertainment


Live Music

There is something extraordinary about music that is performed live. The experience of exceptional in-person entertainment creates an unparalleled atmosphere. A band performing together and playing your favorite songs creates an authentic feel for your party. Choosing the right band for your reception will definitely keep the vibes high!


Creating a party atmosphere is something that our bands specialize in. Musicians performing together and communicating with each other helps generate an outstanding collective, inclusive atmosphere. Not only that, but multiple musicians interacting with the audience creates a personalized, unforgettable memory for you and your guests. Whether the band is packing the dance floor and partying with the crowd or a soft, subtle saxophone solo is presented near a table at dinner, all the way through the sendoff at the end of the night – the human element and interactivity of live music is unmatched.


The best bands can appeal to the entire breadth of guest age ranges at a reception. It’s essential to cater to the genres and musical tastes of the wedding couple as well as create opportunities for everyone to get involved in the party. Often, the experience of hearing a live performance of your favorite song (or your grandparents’ favorite, for that matter) is even better than hearing a recorded version of that same special song. Embrace the genuine individualized power of the variety of live music!

Industry Experience

Hiring expert vendor professionals is a crucial component of a successful event. Our goal is to work with wedding couples and coordination teams from the beginning of the event planning process through the follow-up at the end to ensure that your special day will be remembered fondly forever. Keeping a band together can be challenging and also rewarding. In our case, we have over 40 years of industry experience and have performed thousands of wedding receptions. Capitalizing on the chemistry of an experienced and collaborative team can be the key to organizing a great party and keeping it on track if the timeline unexpectedly goes differently than planned.

About the Expert: At Emerald City Presents, our 5 family bands perform together as teams night after night. As a company, we combine for over 500 performances each year. This continuity allows us to develop unmatched musical chemistry, true flexibility, and customization that make each wedding like no other! Being chosen to perform at a wedding reception is an incredible honor, privilege, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity we take very seriously. Over the past 40 years, we have held ourselves to the highest standard of excellence. No matter who you choose, we hope your wedding reception is everything you want it to be. All the best!

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