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5 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner

Let’s face it: wedding planners are like your therapist, fairy godmother, and executive assistant, all-in-one. To Caroline Fair, owner of Caroline Events, it is simple: “We are here to help you focus on the important things.” Here are five reasons you should hire a planner, according to Fair.

1. They are your best wedding friend.

When your bridesmaids or family members don’t want to hear anything else about your wedding, your planner is ready to listen.

2. They will help pull together your perfect team.

There are wonderful vendors at your fingertips. It’s a must to have a planner who understands your personality and preferences in making recommendations. Your team will be there to witness the most intimate moments on your wedding day, so you want to be sure you truly enjoy their presence.

3. Wedding planners maintain “quality control.”

They ask questions and making suggestions that you may never consider. On the wedding day, planners oversee all your hard work coming together. Why would you want to be the one on call if something were to go awry, such as a leaning cake, shuttle snafu, or other mishap? No one plans for these things to happen, but…

4. If you hire a planner, you won’t have to do the following.

Planners develop and manage your task list and budget, match you to your perfect venue, photographer, band, florist, and more, design your tablescape and floor plan, assemble and send your invitations and track your replies, and arrange and oversee your transportation.

5. They make sure your day goes off without a hitch.

Wedding planners send you down the aisle to be wed, into the reception for your grand entrance, and off to your honeymoon to reminisce on all the festivities as the new Mr. and Mrs.

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