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What to Do Before Securing Your Wedding Venue

The definitive list, according to Angela Morgan, director of catering at the Ritz-Carlton.

Spread the Word

You’ll first want to share the news with your inner circle of family and friends.

Get on the Same Page

It’s now time to engage with your future spouse. It’s important to be on the same page before you start planning. Lead the discussion with the type of wedding you want—grand, intimate, destination, etc.

Land on a City

You’ll want to decide on the city in which your wedding will be held. While it’s customary to be married in the bride’s hometown, you might decide to host your wedding in the city you currently live. One element to remember is being considerate of your guests when making this decision; consider how easy or difficult it might be for some guests to travel.

Decide on the Date

You’re now ready to decide on a wedding date. Although this sounds easy, in our fast-paced world, there are plenty of things competing for your time. Take into account holidays, large city events, and other things that may affect attendance.

Interview Potential Planners

Around this time, you may want to consider interviewing wedding planners. Planners will assist with a multitude of responsibilities and keep you on track.

Choose Your Venue

You’re now prepared to secure your wedding venue and other “high-demand” vendors, such as your band and photographer.

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