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An Aesthetician’s Best Advice For Wedding Skin Prep

SkinSpirit has opened a new Dallas location in Preston Royal Village, and they are here to help you achieve your ultimate skin goals just in time for your big day. From injectables to laser therapy to skin-resurfacing facials, they have a little something for everyone.

We spoke to Aesthetic Nurse Specialist Livia Perez on the best ways a bride can prep her skin for wedding day.

Q: Tell me a little about SkinSpirit and what you offer.

A: We’re the number one provider of Botox and fillers. Most of our providers are nurse practitioners so we offer a lot of experience in the industry. We honestly receive the best training, and we always make sure to be up to date on the services we offer.

Q: How do you think brides could best utilize your offerings?

A: First, when you come and consult with us, we figure out what your desired results are. And from that, we create a treatment plan where we list step by step what treatments will be best and when they should be started.

Q: What’s the ideal timeline for a bride to start that process?

A: A year out from your wedding is ideal, but at least as soon as you get engaged. I would say to not have any treatments done a month out. Like for instance, if a bride is looking to start Botox treatments, I would say no later than six months out. Someone who is new to injectables won’t know how it will affect them—some might prefer filler over Botox—so having time to know what works for you is important.

Q: Are there certain skincare treatments that should be done in series versus closer to time?

A: We offer BBL treatments for skin imperfections and pigmentations, and most people require more than one, so I would say start that about six to eight weeks before your wedding. For a treatment to prep the skin closer to time, I recommend the DiamondGlow facial.

Q: What are some of your favorite skincare products or ingredients?

A: We should all be using sunscreen everyday to prevent skin damage. I also love vitamin C which brightens the skin and helps fight against free radicals in the environment. Finding a good moisturizer is very important too, as it gives you that hydrated look.


For more information click here or visit SkinSpirit at 5959 Royal Lane, Suite 530.

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